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Selling A Property

JLM Conveyancing can help guide you through the various steps of selling a property. It is a good idea to talk to us even if you are in the early stages of making a decision to sell. We can advise you on things to look out for, obligations as a vendor including vendor statements, rules and regulations around selling your property and of course the contract of sale and settlement. 

Prior to signing any contract for the sale of your property a disclosure document must be given to any intending purchaser. This document is very important and must include certain information as required by law.

As your legal representative, JLM Conveyancing acts on your behalf in respect to all of the items on our "Buying a Property" page as well as a few more items which are specific to vendors. Whilst selling a property can be stressful at times, JLM Conveyancing experienced team take care of the legal side of things and explain every detail to you in plain english. 

Capital Gains Tax, GST and other payables

You may be taxed on any profits made by you when selling a property. JLM Conveyancing can assist you in finding out what taxes and fees you will be liable for and in some instances give you advise on ways to minimise these expenses.


JLM Conveyancing can prepare the relevant documentation required for selling your property at auction.

Transfer and Settlement

We can arrange and attend the settlement on your behalf including finalising payment from the purchaser to you.

Upon completion

We can notify the council, water authority and other relevant bodies such as Strata if applicable. All other utilities and services are the vendors responsibility to either disconnect or transfer.